Easy Tips for Parenting in Chicago


Are you a first-time parent in Chicago? You may find it very challenging to tackle the many tasks of being a parent. Child rearing or parenting refers to the complexities of raising a child. It is the process of stimulating and assisting the child’s physical, emotional, intellectual and social progress from infancy to adulthood. Let us share with you some tips to help first-time parents in raising healthy and happy kids.

Try to connect with children on their levels.

Interacting with children on the same physical level helps them feel safer and more connected to you. For children, it means speaking on eye level with them and making regular eye contact.

As for babies, this means lying on the floor or bed with the baby, or holding the baby at your eye level so you can make eye contact. Being on eye level with them shows that you are really paying attention and you are there for them.