Easy Tips for Parenting in Chicago

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Are you a first-time parent in Chicago? You may find it very challenging to tackle the many tasks of being a parent. Child rearing or parenting refers to the complexities of raising a child. It is the process of stimulating and assisting the child’s physical, emotional, intellectual and social progress from infancy to adulthood. Let us share with you some tips to help first-time parents in raising healthy and happy kids.

Try to connect with children on their levels.

Interacting with children on the same physical level helps them feel safer and more connected to you. For children, it means speaking on eye level with them and making regular eye contact.

As for babies, this means lying on the floor or bed with the baby, or holding the baby at your eye level so you can make eye contact. Being on eye level with them shows that you are really paying attention and you are there for them.

Put emphasis on constructive parenting

If the child displays inappropriate behavior, show him what positive behavior and attitude is by having empathy towards his child emotion. Teach the child how to share instead of fighting over a toy.

Instead of shouting at the child to stop the bad behavior, respect your child by validating his feelings. This way the child will learn the process of communicating, asking for a turn, and compromise. Be the kind of person you want your child to be.

Be an adventurous parent.

Being adventurous does not mean exposing them to harm, it means discovering new locations, getting dirty, running wild, laugh in complete abandon and from time to time accepting the possibility of them getting a few scratches. It’s natural for parents to obsess about their child’s safety, but fear leads to a dull life for your child. Let go of your natural fixation with self-preservation once in a while.

Try something new

Your child may be interested in exciting physical activities that are outside your comfort zone, but you can always learn new tricks. Run, climb, skate, jump, ride, swing, row, laser, and fall. Your child loves throwing the ball a hundred times? Cherish the moment even if it’s repetitive. Treasure the moments with your child doing the activities he loves as you mark your own bucket list.

Rediscover nature

With Chicago’s many natural playgrounds, the fun and the possibilities are endless. Why not climb an actual tree, hit the lakefront, trek the larger wooded areas or head down the state parks and river valleys? Simply get out of the city.

Each child is different so don’t stress if you treat each one differently. What matters is nurturing the child’s whole being and facilitating his progress. It’s OK to do things another way than others parents do. In the end, all parents are just doing their best to get through the day. It’s a sign of good parenting.

From the uncertainties raising infants to taming toddlers to nurturing the potential of a child, always make sure to do parenting with love.