Chicago Restaurant You Definitely Must Try

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The best restaurants in Chicago are diverse. You can try anything from pizza joints to high-end fine dining restaurants. You can surely find one that will suite your palate. Being in Chicago, you may even be overwhelmed by your options.

That’s why we have gathered a short list of some of the Chicago restaurants you should definitely try. This is both for those visiting Chicago for the weekend as well as for long-time residents who want to add another item to their list of favorite Chicago restaurants.


You can try some of the best fine dining venues while here. Apart from Grace and Alinea and Smyth and Elske, the experience won’t be complete without this West Loop restaurant by Genie Kwon and Noah Sandoval, Oriole.

Try their 15-course menu for $190 and get some added treats from the restaurant as well. Indulge in every bite with this cleverly put together menu. Here’s a tip when eating at Oriole. Don’t look at the menu for what the next course is going to be. Allow the course of the meal to be a continued surprise.

Lula Café

Enjoy a special meal in this humble café. It is a great spot for special occasions or even just for a Sunday brunch with your family. The Lula Café has been around since 1999. As soon as you see their menu, you will understand why this restaurant has become an institution in Chicago. An example of their menu for brunch, is their French toast adorned with candied citrus, tart raspberries, and sherry pastry cream.

The Lula Café was one of those restaurants that spearheaded the farm-to-table way of preparing their dishes even before it became a fad. You can be sure that the ingredients are fresh, tasty, and certainly something to experience. This restaurant won’t disappoint. You will have a great time each time.


If you’ve had enough of fine dining, you can always try Roister located in the West Loop. Here, you don’t have to worry about the white tablecloths. You can enjoy the music, and just be comfortable wearing your jeans and shirt. You can have brunch or lunch any day.

Dinners in Roister is also something you should experience. The meals are hearty and filling. Their whole chicken is a must-try if you are visiting for the first time. Along with that, don’t forget to add Yukon fries, hushpuppies, and aged cheddar rillettes for a full gastronomic encounter.

Wrapping It Up

This list of restaurants is just among the many that you can try while you are in Chicago. There are many more to discover once you are here. You may be surprised by what you will find around the corner. The dining places are plentiful and you can definitely have a different specialty meal from each of the restaurants while you are in Chicago.

Do you know other places that can be added to this gastronomic experience? Do share it with us in the comments so that more people will get to know what Chicago can offer.